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Personalised Gin Label

Personalised Gin Label


Please contact us for any wholesale enquiries via our Contact Us page. There is a minimum order quantity for each product, which is normally 50pcs.

One personalised wine label. 

A6 size (105 × 148mm approx)

The label will fit 1L bottles the best.

Made of glossy peel and stick sticker label. 

To get the labels off, hot water method.

For that, fill your kitchen sink with hot water. Also, get a large pot, fill it with water and heat to boiling.

Then, take the uncorked empty bottles and immerse them in the sink. After the bottles have been in for a while, some labels might float right off. If the label hasn’t come off on its own, lift and empty the bottle, place it on a towel, and try to get your fingernail under a corner of the label. At that point, it might lift right off.

If a label won’t budge, put that bottle — very, very carefully — into the boiling water. This will often cause stubborn labels to give up and float off. Have a long spoon or fork ready to fish the label out of the water. When you get a label off, lay it flat on the wax paper or plastic wrap.

If all else fails, many wine stores sell label removers that are essentially big pieces of adhesive that rip the label right off.


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Good to Know

Please note these items are coming in packs of 4. Your order must be for 4 labels and the quantity must reflect this on your order. We wont be taking responsbility for orders containing less than the entitled amount and we will charge addtional P&P if you require to ship any missing items due to not adding them correctly to your order.

Thank you for understanding.

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